Huatai Battery 2018 Product Order Conference and New Product Launch Conference was a complete success

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  On January 9,2018,the leading brand in China's battery industry-"Huatai Battery"2018 product ordering conference and new product launch conference was held in Linyi Longyuan.Huatai Group Chairman Wang Wensheng,President Wang Jiajun,General Manager Wang Wenzhou and other company leaders attended this new product event with distributors across the country to discuss the development plan of the"Huatai"brand and discuss smart strategies for the Chinese battery market.
  Wang Wensheng,chairman of Huatai Battery Group,took the stage to give a welcome speech at the opening of this new product launch.Huatai Battery originated in Yimeng,energy shakes the world,both through trials and hardships,quality casts honor,craftsmanship spirit,technical advantages,25 years of glory,honest writing Legendary,Chairman Wang reported the development achievements of Huatai Group in the past year to dealers across the country,and introduced several major issues in the future development plan.
  The series of actions at the new product launch conference not only demonstrated the strong strength of the Huatai brand,but also gave distributors and consumers across the country a shot of a boost,allowing them to see the strong competitiveness of Huatai.
  The theme of this conference is"Phoenix Nirvana,work together to achieve a win-win situation,and set sail for 2018".Huatai Group President Wang Jiajun gave a detailed introduction on all aspects of Huatai Battery's reform in 2017.In 2017,Huatai Battery Group's in-depth reforms In the past year,the company has made comprehensive improvements in all aspects of products,equipment,technology,management,etc.,with fruitful results.It has introduced the most stringent production and quality inspection mechanism in the industry,and built a high-end standardized modern management and operation system.Core competitiveness-technology,quality,and cost have been greatly improved,laying a solid foundation for the development of Huatai Battery in 2018.
  This ordering fair welcomed a total of 268 dealers from all over the country,and the total contract amount was about 520 million yuan.To thank the dealers across the country,the theme of"Thank you for being with you all the way"Huatai Battery was held at the Longyuan Yulong Ecological Park on the evening of the 9th.The 2018 National Customer Product Ordering Conference Celebration Dinner.
  Talking and laughing,coquettish,wonderful singing and dancing performances,sumptuous and delicious delicacies,so that the friends present not only eat happily,but also watch happily,drawing a more beautiful ending for the successful 2018 Huatai Battery New Product Ordering Conference.