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Shandong Huatai New Energy Battery Co., Ltd was established in May 1993. Over the years we have made great success in both product research and market development. We are currently one of the leading battery manufacturers in China and the world’s largest Zinc-carbon batteries manufacturer. Our company is located in Linyi, Shandong Province, less than 150 miles from one of the largest container terminal in China.


Huatai Battery won the district-level demonstration unit of "Consumption with confidence"


The establishment of "Consuming with confidence in Shandong" jointly initiated by the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Consumers Association and other departments has come to an end, and Linyi Huatai Battery Co., Ltd. has been rated as a district-level demonstration unit.

Hedong District Mayor Yao Yunming and his party visited Huatai Battery to investigate new and old kinetic energy


On May 28th, Yao Yunming, Mayor of Hedong District, Linyi City, and other leaders visited our company for research and guidance. Our company general manager Wang Wenzhou and others accompanied him.

Huatai Battery 2018 Product Order Conference and New Product Launch Conference was a complete success


On January 9,2018,the leading brand in China's battery industry-"Huatai Battery"2018 product ordering conference and new product launch conference was held in Linyi Longyuan.

Congratulations to Huatai Battery Group for the complete success of the 2019 product ordering meeting and new product launch


From January 6th to 8th, Huatai Battery Group's 2019 product ordering conference and new product launch conference were held in Longyuan Tourist Area. Huatai Group Chairman Wang Wensheng, President Wang Jiajun, General Manager Wang Wenzhou and other company leaders gathered together with distributors from all over the country to participate in the grand event.