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Domestic Sales

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  Domestic Sales Department is fully responsible for product sales in domestic market, including developing new customers, maintaining market order and providing consumer services. Therefore the company will steadily expand market coverage and promote market share, maintain consumers’ benefits and achieve win-win situation with customers.
  The company strictly carries on sales policy and beats a heavy blow against commodities fleeing, producing and selling fake goods. Relying on the brand advantage and effective promotion, the company has set up a mature distribution network, covering both urban and countryside markets. The zinc-manganese carbon battery ranks top in domestic market share.
  The company sticks to the marketing policy ‘Distribution Channel First, End Consumers Supreme’, and brings high price-performance ratio products to consumers, which promotes end market share greatly.
  The company implements the brand strategy actively and invests heavily for advertising. Huatai Battery is the exclusive sponsor to 2010 Walk of Fame contestants, a famous CCTV entertainment program. The company has also put up advertisements on CCTV Morning News and CCTV-1 Weather Forecasting Program at golden time 19:30. All these advertisements have greatly promoted Huaitai battery brand and set up a favorable brand reputation among consumers.
  Together with all customers, Huatai will make every effort to create a brighter future.



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