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  Established in May 1993, Linyi Huatai Battery Co., Ltd covers an area of 100,000㎡with more than 1,800 staff and workers. The company has been equipped with more than 40 full-automatic production lines for manufacturing battery with an annual output of 3.6billion batteries.The company has more than 100 kinds of products coving several series including R20, R14, R6, R03, 6F22, LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03 and 6LR61 9V batteries.The production scale is in the forefront of the same industry in China, among which R6c battery production occupies No.1 share in the world.
  Relying on the abundant technical strength, the company has established the Shandong Technical Center and Huatai High-Energy Battery Research Institute with nearly 540 engineering technicians.What’s more, the company has been equipped with various kinds of battery test and detection equipment, as well as complete series of battery destructive detection equipment, for example, high-temperature cabinet, high-temperature and high-humidity chamber, and high and low temperature circulation box.Besides, the 6F22 9V green and environmental protection battery and equipment manufactured by the company has filled in the gaps in such abstract in North of China, and the leading environmental-friendly alkaline battery products of LR6 and LR03 with excellent quality of long discharge time, discharge performance is seven times longer than the ordinary battery, which have been appraised as Shandong provincial Hi-tech products.
  The products adopt high quality raw materials and some of which are imported abroad. The company has established up with well-known companies such as Shanghai Jingsheng Nonferrous Metals Group, Guangxi Guiliu Group, Gansu Shizuishan Huaying Company, Ehman Kanglimo Chemical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Boluoda Metal Co., Ltd. Strategic partnerships lay the foundation for the production of high quality Huatai batteries.
  The company's complete industrial chain is unique, with an investment of RMB 200 million. It has built a complete set of equipments from zinc ingot melting, continuous injection, continuous rolling and continuous pressing till into zinc can. The self-supply rate of zinc can is 100%; the company has built carbon rod plant, carbon rod self-supply rate is 100%. With a full set of injection molding machines, punching machines and the world's most advanced electroplating production line approved by the provincial Environmental Protection Agency, the self-supply rate of battery caps, metal bottoms and steel can is 100%, which guarantees the quality and reduces battery costs. Huatai battery is the best embodiment of quality products.
  Service is an eternal theme. With the marketing concept of “Quality Service competing for Market and Sales Terminal for World”, the company has formulated preferential incentive measures and promotion policies, actively guiding customers to deliver to terminals, to service terminals, to protect customer interests, and achieving a win-win situation for customers and enterprises. Relying on excellent service and good reputation, Huatai has established a mature market sales network throughout the country. Quality, Brand and Service are the unique competitive advantages of Huatai.
  The department of International Trade has equipped a high-quality foreign trade talent team,exploring the international market actively. The annual export delivery capacity has made a breakthrough of 60 million dollars, becoming a leader of the same industry and rated as Shandong Export Brand Product and a key export enterprise supported by Shandong. Up till now, the company’s products have gained good reputations in Africa, Middle-East, America, Canada, Japan, Europe and totally 80 countries and regions, and the company has set up two famous brands, i.e. “HUATAI” and “POWER FLASH”, whose market share ranks top in many countries.
  Active participation in the Canton Fair and the international Electronics Exposition has provided hard-won chances to enter into strategic marketing partnership with many foreign customers. Products with high quality and instant but considerate services have made products of Huatai the first choice of many foreign customers, which makes Huatai company the global quality battery supply base.



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