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Huatai Battery (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

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  The company is located in the Bohai Economic Circle, Tianjin Beichen High-tech Zone. It is 10 kilometers away from Tianjin Airport, 130 kilometers away from Beijing Airport, 45 kilometers away from Tianjin Port and 3 kilometers away from Beijing-Tianjin Expressway. It has superior geographical advantages and traffic advantages.
  The company occupies an area of ​​50,000 square meters and employs 100 people, including 46 engineers and technicians. It has 6 alkaline battery production lines, including 2 of the world's most advanced Canadian Haiba complete battery production lines. Products include LR6, LR03, LR20, LR14, 6LR61 and other environmentally friendly alkaline batteries, with an annual output of nearly 400 million batteries, the production scale of alkaline batteries ranks first in northern China.
  The company adopts international advanced technology and technology formula and adopts some high-quality imported materials. Using modern management methods, we will create a group of high-quality talents and conduct regular international exchanges. At the same time, we will strengthen cooperation with institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, so that the company's scientific research level and product innovation capability are always in the forefront of the same industry. Relying on strong technology and talents, we have developed and produced HT-9 super energy alkaline batteries, and the battery capacity is the world's leading level.
  Huatai alkaline batteries are sold well all over the country with excellent quality and exported to developed countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe. The company has established strategic partnerships with many well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Tianjin Jiu'an Electronics and Dalian Express, and has become a global high-quality alkaline battery supply base.



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