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  Linyi Dragon Garden Ecological Tourism project is located in the core area of Nonggao District, under independent investment of Linyi Huatai Battery Group. It covers an area of about 1300000㎡ and has a total investment of RMB760 million. It is a key construction project in Linyi City. The construction project started from October 8, 2013. The planned construction period is one and a half years. It is expected to open on October 1st, 2014 and fully opened on May 1st, 2015.
  The project is planned and designed by Shanghai Tongji University and Qingdao Environmental Engineering Design Institute. The design reflects four cultures, namely, the history and culture with dragon culture as the main line; the traditional culture with sightseeing agriculture and farming folklore as the main line; the modern culture with wedding photography and lawn wedding as the main line; the popular science education with children's paradise and museum as the main line. It is a comprehensive tourism project integrating culture and art, ecological sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, and tourism.
  Dragon Cultural District: The Yihe Dragon Culture Exhibition Hall has been completed. The dragon pillar of carving art with nine semi-transparent dragons stands in the center of Longyuan. The Ancient City of Longyuan in the styles of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Qinglong River passes through it, and the shops on both sides are lined up, and the simple courtyard houses, traditional inns, and folk ancestral halls form a Qingming River map. The Dragon Culture Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Plant Dragon and Ruyi Lake are the concrete displays of the Dragon Culture.
  Sightseeing agricultural area: built a smart greenhouse, a paradise garden,a farming folk culture park, a picking garden and a citizen garden. The intelligent greenhouse is warm in winter and summer, and the seasons are like spring. The world famous flowers, rare fruits and all kinds of vegetables are built according to eco-tourism,which makes people open their eyes and forget to return. Walking on the stone road in the Farming Folk Culture Park,the traditional grinding,crushing,hand-weaving, primitive farming and planting are like a historical picture. The stream around the stream, the peach blossoms on the river, the weeping willows, the grasses are ecological and natural, the vegetables in the fields and the fruits are green and green.They can be picked and can be experienced. In the distance, they will come to the shepherd cow car,as if they are in a paradise.
  Children's Paradise: A variety of children's play facilities are available,with rapids in the summer and ski resorts in the winter. Cartoon statues, 4D theaters, take you into magic and dreams.The tall Ferris wheel can overlook the Mengshan Mountain and the Guanyu River.The popular science education hall and exhibition hall for children to grow knowledge is both a playground for children and a paradise for young people.
  Botanical Garden: There are Bai Garden, Baiguo Garden, Longteng Garden and Lotus Garden. The European style garden, built with flowers, lawns, windmills, wooden houses, churches and corridors, is the best place for wedding photography and lawn weddings. Snow Mountain Waterfall, Natural Lake, Large Lavender, Rose Garden, Cherry Blossom Garden, Haitang Garden, Lotus Garden, Ziwei Garden, Gui Garden, Ginkgo Garden and Hongfeng Garden will become the witness of romantic love!
  Based on the long-distance dragon culture and the history and culture of the civilization, Longyuan will rely on the superior location advantage of the Tangquan provincial-level tourist area to create a comprehensive tourism project that combines eating, living, shopping and entertainment, and will be built in Linyi City. The nearest tourist holiday project in the district.
  After the Dragon Garden project is completed and put into operation,it is estimated that the annual sales income will reach 300 million yuan, and the profits and taxes will be 80 million yuan. It will make outstanding contributions to the local finance, and at the same time provide 600 jobs for the Longchei community and nearby residents.
  Hot spring bath and Dragon Garden visiting! Dragon Garden will become a new highlight of ecotourism in Hedong District and even Linyi City, and a new model for enriching people’s lives.



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