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Employment Principle

Employment Principle

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  Final adhere to the talent as the first resource dedicated to the establishment of a fair, competitive, incentives, efficient employment mechanism, to create a work environment conducive to the development of individual employees, open up more channels to recruit, eclectic talent, find ways to nurture talent, motivate talented people to meet the needs, emotional commitment to retain talent, and to maximize the potential of human resources.
  A wide open channel to attract talent
  The principle of "equal competition, strict examination, the basis of merit, two-way choice" to break the geographical boundaries, establish a reasonable flow of the employment system, employees from across the country. The company will actively participate in the Job Fair across the country, according to the needs of the business strategy of the enterprise development, to expand the international market for the next focus on cultivating a knowledge-based talent at all levels, the company's talent pool with international standards.
  Two. Eclectic use of personnel
  The company has established a competition and evaluation mechanism, bold young talents enabled. Decision-making in business nautical climb touch roll played ten years or even twenty years of outstanding young entrepreneurs. By rotation, changing of the guard, promoted a variety of ways, eclectic use of personnel and create all the conditions for the cultivation of a number of comprehensive quality fully competent young managers.
  Ways to nurture talent
  The face of fierce competition in the market and the rapid development of science and technology, the company at all costs, find ways to nurture talent. As a learning organization, the company invited the training of specialized education and training department is responsible for the company employees, training according to the training needs of different types of employees and career planning differences have targeted various types of basic training for staff organizations, professional training, further training. The company invited experts and scholars at home and abroad to come to the company for academic reports and seminars, while taking full advantage of the company's internal resources, hiring internal management experts and technical staff to carry out a variety of professional training for employees for part-time teachers. Per employee are both teachers, each employee are students, the company often carry out the activities to learn from each other. In order to meet the needs of international competition, the company will actively carry out foreign languages ​​especially English to expand training and manager of financial management training, training compound talents, another new initiative.
  To meet the need to stimulate talent
  Different need according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory in different groups, the company will analyze the needs of different groups of employees, to take different incentive measures to meet their needs. Establish a modern dormitory, staff canteen, recreation center, provide a comfortable working and living environment for staff; establish workers "Hardware" gold "system, allowing employees a sense of security, old age, and to solve the staff have to worry about; establish annual outstanding staff selection system, elected excellent staff, in addition to giving spiritual rewards and some material reward organizations at home and abroad to visit, travel and learning; company to develop a strict examination system, examination results directly wages and the selection and appointment and removal of hooks; company respect every employee, every employee is a master in the face of the company's system, everyone is equal.
  Emotional investment to retain talent
  Founded the Party branch, trade unions and other mass organizations, active in a number of activities, is drain problem solving employees do practical things. So that every employee can work without distraction. Every employee to experience the warmt



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