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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

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  1.Talent is the most important resource of high-quality talent to create business value, sustainable development, focused source of strength.
  2. The company always uphold the people-oriented concept of employment. Albert cast of Linyi Huatai Battery Limited, the need to bring together a large number of marketing, management, and service professionals. Company adhere to the "people-oriented", respect knowledge, respect talent for talent to create a good development space cause of keeping ----; skills and performance as the main indicator of the salary structure and welfare policy do ---- pay and conditions; create a good corporate culture, and constantly enhance cohesion ---- keep feelings.
  3. The company's competitive talent competition, team competition, any staff represents a part of enterprise operations, any link error, meant to provide products or services will be adversely affected, so the team the spirit is one of the important requirements of the company employees.
  4. The company has established a scientific human resources management system, and gradually improve and give full play to their potential talent running mechanism, give everyone the space to play to their ability, to achieve self-worth.
  Ability and political integrity, to Germany first. Only Germany - reuse; talent without virtue - caution;
  People with no talent and virtue - training; without it no virtue - do not; before - the ability to complete the work;



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