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Shandong Huatai New Energy Battery Co., Ltd.


     Shandong Huatai New Energy Battery Co., Ltd. was established in May 1993. Over the years we have made great success in both product research and market development. We are Currently one of the leading battery manufacturers in China and the world’s largest Zinc-carbon batteries manufacturer. Our company is located in Linyi, Shandong Province, less than 150 miles from one of the largest container terminal in China- Qingdao Port.


 Our company manufactures a wide range of batteries suited for a variety of electronic devices such as toys, remote control, flashlight. We specialize in zinc-carbon batteries, alkaline batteries, button cells, Hi-Volt alkaline batteries etc. The main battery models are R20, R14, R6, R03, 6F22, LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03, 6LR61, 27A, 23A, CR series, AG series, zinc-air cells etc. We currently operate more than 40 production lines and seven battery component production facilities. Our high-speed ultra-precision lines can produce batteries at 800 pcs/min. All our alkaline battery products are produced used world-leading  Canadian HIBAR lines, the world's most advanced high precision production line, which with carefully selected raw materials. Our annual production volume exceeds 3600 million pieces.

     Our company is qualified with ISO9001 and ISO14001 and is BSCI certified. All of our products meet European environmental standards. Our industry-leading battery

technology research center is a powerhouse in innovation. To control quality at the source, we self-supply some of the core battery components.  

   Excellent quality and performance brought us an excellent reputation in the industry. With over 28 years of manufacturing expertise, we currently export to more than 80 countries. Because of the benefits from our large production scale, our clients are always guaranteed for the best value. Many well-known battery brands and suppliers are currently outsourcing their production to us.  

     “Customer First, Service Foremost” is our service philosophy. We put considerable effort into optimizing our order fulfillment service to meet each client’s satisfaction. Also, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients.




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